Pumpkin Rolling on the Floor (Tune: London Bridge) (roll the pumpkin back and forth between hands) Pumpkins rolling on the floor, on the floor, on the floor, Pumpkins rolling on the floor, can you do that once more! (repeat using: off to Mom; Down my leg; Down my arm; Behind my back) Little Pumpkin (Tune:… Continue reading PUMPKIN SONGS

Color Collision

Teaching colors to your LO is more simple than you think and truly fun. Don’t stress it. Keep it natural and not contrived. If you say “that is a red truck” also say “that truck is red” so your child begins to see that “red” is an attibute of the truck such as “small or… Continue reading Color Collision


Your LO will fall in love with these precious, easy to make puppets. Puppets are everywhere if you look for them. From Stick puppers made from cut out coloring page figures; finger holes cut into a small cup to folded construction paperwoodland creature. Puppets are all over the house. Try the Pizza Box puppet. We… Continue reading NOT SCARY PUPPETS


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