Sensory Play with your Littles

Throw-together these fast and fun sensory challenging activites for infants. TOUCH-infants love to touch new textures. Their little brains are firing new pieces of information at a rapid pace. Try some of these texture rich items during tummy time and blanket time. Softies-rub a cotton ball gently on the palm of baby’s hands and feet.… Continue reading Sensory Play with your Littles

10 Great Tips for Laundry Basket Play

Stuffies-fill the basket with your childs favorite stuffed toys. This can be their permanent home, or temporary collection location. Tenting-Your child can place their toy in or under the basket. Play Peek-a-boo by covering the blanket with a towel or small blanket. Bounce-help your Toddler bounce the toys in the basket by holding onto the… Continue reading 10 Great Tips for Laundry Basket Play


Make this adorable sock bunny “stuffy” in minutes. One sock Two hair bands or rubber bands Cotton batting or Tissue or Paper towel for stuffing Markers for face drawing Opt. second sock for shirt Begin by stuffing the sock to the ankle with your paper towel; cotton or tissue. The heel section becomes the Bunny’s… Continue reading SOCK BUNNY

Critter Jitters

Lets get buggy! You know your kids love bugs. Who hasn’t rolled a rolly polly bug around for their kiddo? Right? It’s part of growing up to explore the little critters. Let’s have some fun! Water color/eye dropper painting bugs Coffee Filter Eye dropper or paint brush Make up cotton pads Food color or water… Continue reading Critter Jitters


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