Fall Fun Songs-Squirrels, Leaves, Apples and Turkeys

Tissue Paper activities and songs

PICK A LITTLE APPLE (roll a sheet of tissue paper into a ball and pretend it is the apple)

(no tune)

Pick a little apple. Pick a little apple. Pick a little apple for me to eat (pretend picking from the tree)

Take a little bite. Take a little bite. Take a little bite. Mmmm, that’s sweet (rub tummy)

Eat the little bite; eat the little bite; eat a little bite and say this song (present chewing)

Where’s the little apple? Where’s the little apple? Where’s the little apple? It’s all gone (hide behind back)

So…..pick another apple. Pick another apple. Pick another apple for me to eat!

Turkey Flying (use one sheet of tissue paper)

(tune: London Bridge)

Turkey flying up and down. Up and down. Up and down. Turkey flying up and down.

Catch him if you can. (toss the tissue paper up and catch)

Little Brown Leaf (tear a small piece of tissue paper and pretend it is a leaf)

(If you’re happy and you know it)

There’s a little brown leaf on my head, OH NO! (put leaf on head)

There’s a little brown leaf on my head, OH NO!

There’s a little brown leaf, there’s a little brown leaf, there’s a little brown leaf on my head, OH NO! (repeat changing color to match your paper and placing on other parts of the body)

5 Little Apples (make 5 balls of tissue paper to play)

Tune: Ba Ba Black Sheep

5 little apples hanging on a tree. One fell off and hit my knee (drop one)

4 little apples hang on tight. One fell down and he rolled right (roll a ball)

3 little apples all fall down. 1-2-3 they hit the ground. (drop one ball at a time)

Hey, Little squirrel (make small balls of tissue paper to use as nuts)

Tune: Little cabin in the woods

Hey little squirrel in the tree.

Can you find a nut for me?

Climb right down here to the ground

Bring the nut that you have found.

Hold the nut in little hands

Don’t let them fall down in the sand

Come and share your nuts with me

Eat them underneath the tree



orange pumpkins on brown hay
Photo by Gabby K on Pexels.com

Pumpkin Rolling on the Floor (Tune: London Bridge)

(roll the pumpkin back and forth between hands)

Pumpkins rolling on the floor, on the floor, on the floor,

Pumpkins rolling on the floor, can you do that once more!

(repeat using: off to Mom; Down my leg; Down my arm; Behind my back)

Little Pumpkin (Tune: Twinkle twinkle)

Little pumpkin there you stand (pumpkin on the floor)

I will grab you with my hands (pick up pumpkin)

Raise my pumpkin way up high (lift up high)

Raise my pumpkin to the sky

Little pumpkin down you come (lower to the ground)

Now around you I will run! (run around pumpkin)

(repeat and change last two lines to: “down you thump, now around you I will jump”

CAN YOU HOLD A PUMPKIN (tune: Happy and you know it)

Can you hold a pumpkin in your hand ? Yes I can! (hold pumpkin)

Can you hold a pumpkin in your hand? Yes, I can!

Can you hold a pumpkin, can you hold a pumpkin,

Can you hold a pumpkin in your hand? Yes, I can!

(repeat: holding on feet; knees; head; back; tummy)

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National Pumpkin Day

Join me for Pumpkin Fun here: https://fb.watch/1m-IlFbnnE/

Kids Crafts

Color Collision

Teaching colors to your LO is more simple than you think and truly fun.

Don’t stress it. Keep it natural and not contrived.

If you say “that is a red truck” also say “that truck is red” so your child begins to see that “red” is an attibute of the truck such as “small or fast”.

Color is an abstract concept, so be patient. Most children begin to identify color names after the age of 18 months but will often confuse them through the age of 4 or 5.

Sorting: This is the easiest to help explain colors. Sort tiny toys; balls; food; paper squares just about anything into containers or go on a Color Hunt with these cute bags decorated by your children with a color to match.

Color games

Lay construction paper on the floor and have a bean bag toss to the color that you name. Better, yet, use this little color cube (made from a tissue box) to roll the color.

Hidden inside the Color Cube are strips of matching colors. Your child can pick out a strip and roll the cube for the desired color.

Cover the sides of a tissue box with construction paper squares. Toss the color cube to identify; match and choose colors.




Your LO will fall in love with these precious, easy to make puppets.

Stick puppet stage box

Paper Fold Puppet

Puppets are everywhere if you look for them.

From Stick puppers made from cut out coloring page figures; finger holes cut into a small cup to folded construction paperwoodland creature.

Puppets are all over the house.

Try the Pizza Box puppet. We used it to snap up toys to feed the Alligator and have a game of tag!

Find how to make these adoable characters here: https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=700292440529051

Thank you for joining me. Hugs! Sharen

Kids Crafts

4 B’s Ball; Bean Bags; Balloons and Bowling

Easier than you think to create Carnival-type fun with throw-together items around the house.

Balls are one of the first toys your LO’s will want to play with and throwing is, well, you know!! Let’s talk balls a bit.

  • Soft play balls: Tiny beach balls (keep some “pinchability” to the ball for little fingers to grab; Sock balls (simply roll a sock and turn the cuff back to secure) Tissue paper balls (roll into a ball and secure with tape)
  • Wiffle ball-has small holes for little ones to ge their fingers into
  • Rubber balls-best for kicking; and rolling for a bowling game
  • Belly ball-large rubber ball can become your LO’s exercise ball by placing your infant across the top of the ball on the belly and gently roll the ball a small move forward and back. (hold the ball securly between your knees) also bounce baby on the top of the ball, holding baby and ball securly.
  • Teach underhand throwing by practicing bowling. Create a bowling alley with two swim noodles or tape a lane on the floor with painters tape.
  • Roll a rubber ball back and forth between yourself and your child with legs spread to catch.
  • Medium size rubber ball to teach catching: Child will extend both arms forward and catch and hug to the body.
  • Create targets with painting tape on the wall. Try squares; rectangle and triangle. Use one of our soft balls to throw at the target
  • Basket toss. Place a line of tape on the floor and a basket a few feet out from it. Practice throwing balls into the basket. Make it harder by lengthening the distance.
  • Bean Bag-Use for balancing on hands and walk or run. On your head; arms etc. Use them to toss into a basket or a target on the floor of painters tape.
  • Balloons-make a small bat from a swimming noodle and bat the balloon. Teaching children to catch with a balloon before a ball is a “smart Mom” idea.

Thank you so much for joining in the fun. Please comment your ideas for Balls; Bean Bags; Bowling and Balloons.

Kids Crafts

Best Swimming pool/Water table/Tub Time Ideas

Throw together for a new purpose
Bubble Wrap Raft
Everyone gets a bath

Bath and Tub time can be so much fun when you “switch it up”. Kids love water play. My son said, “Mom, bath time for my two LO’s is getting boring and turning into a fight, what can I do to make it more fun?” Sound familiar? Let’s see if some of these ideas will work for you.

  • Make a Bubble wrap raft! Simple grab a piece of bubble wrap and let it float. Ours became a tea party and then a dinosaur feeding center. It really floats nicely and can hold quite a few items.
  • Things that squeeze: sponges; terry cloth; even a sock can be dunked and squeezed over and over and develops hand muscles for writing.
  • Things that float: try cutting down a swim noodles to small floating life preservers. They can be stacked; laced; sorted and hold a tiny toy.
  • Things to blow bubbles: use your soap bubble blower over the pool; catch the bubbles coming down; blow through a straw or plastic tube to make your own bubbles
  • Spray bottle: take a small spray bottle to the tub or pool. Tiny hands can squeeze with both hands to shoot water at toys; target on the tub wall
  • Sieves: grab your kitchen sieves. All those holes are super fun to watch the water pass through and a large collander will help you dry out tiny toys after the playtime.
  • Recycle bin: grab recyled jugs and containers that have been cleaned. The kids will take it from there.

I trust you have found some happy ideas today. Please comment and share your fun water activities.

Kids Crafts

Sensory Play with your Littles

Throw-together these fast and fun sensory challenging activites for infants.

Infant Playtime

TOUCH-infants love to touch new textures. Their little brains are firing new pieces of information at a rapid pace. Try some of these texture rich items during tummy time and blanket time.

  1. Softies-rub a cotton ball gently on the palm of baby’s hands and feet. Stroke face/body gently. Find other soft “smalls” for baby’s hand.
  2. Fabric play-using a clean scarf or other soft material, gently lay the cloth over baby’s body and draw down from head to toe. If baby has a startle reflex, that is normal. Give it another try or two. Play peak-a-boo with the fabric. Allow baby to grab hold. Gently tug to see if baby pulls back. This can also be done with tissue paper sheet.
  3. Place any of these clean items in baby’s hand for a sensory experience (some should not go into the mouth) Plastic egg; Craft Pom Pom; Bath Scrubby; Damp sponge; Rings cut from Paper towel roll tube; plastic shower curtain ring; other items that do not have sharp or pointed pieces.

HEARING-your baby’s hearing is new and eager for more. Play “find the sound” and see if baby will move her head in the direction of the sound.

  1. Things that rattle like keys: measuring spoons; small items placed in a plastic container.
  2. Things that ring: small bells; egg timer/clock; metal items tapped together
  3. Things that clank: pots and pans; clapping items together;
  4. Things that make music: toys; squeakers; music instruments

SIGHT-for tummy time

  1. Bright objects such as a bracelet or beads (not to be touched by baby)
  2. Pinwheel
  3. Black and white objects or high contrast
  4. Containers with bright objects inside
  5. Small colorful balls or other toys
  6. Fabric with a loose weave that baby can grab and pull forward (pre-crawl)

Thank you for playing!

Kids Crafts

10 Great Tips for Laundry Basket Play

  1. Stuffies-fill the basket with your childs favorite stuffed toys. This can be their permanent home, or temporary collection location.
  2. Tenting-Your child can place their toy in or under the basket. Play Peek-a-boo by covering the blanket with a towel or small blanket.
  3. Bounce-help your Toddler bounce the toys in the basket by holding onto the sides.
  4. Collect-have races to collect toys in the basket. Sort by color or description such as “find a toy that rolls”; “find toys that are hard” etc.
  5. Ball toss games-sitting on the floor, have your Toddler toss the ball into the basket. Make it challenging by moving the basket further away. Standing, your Toddler can play “basketball”. Set the basket on a small table or chair and make it harder by placing the basket higher and higher.
  6. Scarf weave-using long scarves, weave it in and out of the holes in the basket to decorate. Use one or several scarves.
  7. Pull and push. Young ones just standing up will like to stand up to the basket while it is upside down. Older children can push and pull the basket with favorite toys on board. Use a scarf to pull the basket. If you have more than one basket, tie them together for a long train.
  8. In and under. With assistance, place your child in the basket. Let him play with a toy. Stay beside the basket at all times to avoid tipping and to assure your Toddler. If your little one is extra adventurous, he may want to go under the basket. Do not allow another child or heavy object to sit on top.
  9. Toddler in the tent. Place your Toddler in the basket and place a breathable towel or blanket over to play Peek-a-Boo. Children love to hide.
  10. Hammock swing-Place your child gently in the basket. If he or she feels safe, you may lift the basket and swing in gently side to side; back and forth and diagonal. Do this by yourself if the child is under 5 months. Have another adult help if the child is sitting and older. Safety first. It is fun and very good for your child’s balance.
10 Tips for throw-together activities with a laundry basket.

Thank you for joing me for Laundry Basket tips! Hope you enjoyed it.

Have a beautiful day,


Kids Crafts

“Happimess” is finger painting

Hello my friends. I know, I know, finger painting with Toddlers can seem scary and like you have to grow at least 4 more arms. You will be surprised how easy and less messy this finger paint activity is. Loads of sensory input for your LO 🙂 Enjoy

Fun Fingerpaints
  • 4 cups water
  • 1 cup cornstarch
  • 6 T. white sugar
  • 1 tsp. salt
  • food color/koolaid powder or jello powder
  • Essential Oil (opt)

In a medium size pan, place all the ingredients and stir over medium heat. The mixture will go from white to transparent and from liquid to thick “jello” consistancy. Remove from the heat and allow to cool slightly. Place in 4-6 containers depending on how many colors you are creating. Add drops of food color or koolaid/jello powder to make colors. Stir until well incorporated into all of the mixture. Add a drop of edible Essential Oil in each color. I like Lavender in purple; Lime in green; etc. I use Young Living because I trust it. That’s it! Easy Peasy!

For full instructions and continued play ideas:

Thank you for joining me 🙂

Kids Crafts


Make this adorable sock bunny “stuffy” in minutes.

  • One sock
  • Two hair bands or rubber bands
  • Cotton batting or Tissue or Paper towel for stuffing
  • Markers for face drawing
  • Opt. second sock for shirt

Begin by stuffing the sock to the ankle with your paper towel; cotton or tissue. The heel section becomes the Bunny’s head. Place a band just under the head and at the top of the heel where the ankle begins, forming a two-part body. Using a sharp scissors, cut lengthwise down the cuff of the sock to create the ears. Cut shorter if desired. Draw a face with permanent markers and you are ready to play!!! For additional fun, use a different colored sock for a shirt by cutting the first 4 inches of the sock off the top and sliding it onto the bunny.

Play our little bunny game with this song. Hide the bunny and sing. Let your Toddler decide where the bunny is hiding. 🙂 So fun!!

PEEK A BOO BUNNY (Tune: Twinkle, twinkle)

Peek a boo bunny, I see you. Hiding right there by my shoe

Whoops you hopped behind my back

Whoops you hopped into my lap

Peek a boo bunny, I see you. Hide for me and I’ll find you!

Thank you for joining the Bunny fun today! I enjoy your comments and questions.