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Best Swimming pool/Water table/Tub Time Ideas

Throw together for a new purpose
Bubble Wrap Raft
Everyone gets a bath

Bath and Tub time can be so much fun when you “switch it up”. Kids love water play. My son said, “Mom, bath time for my two LO’s is getting boring and turning into a fight, what can I do to make it more fun?” Sound familiar? Let’s see if some of these ideas will work for you.

  • Make a Bubble wrap raft! Simple grab a piece of bubble wrap and let it float. Ours became a tea party and then a dinosaur feeding center. It really floats nicely and can hold quite a few items.
  • Things that squeeze: sponges; terry cloth; even a sock can be dunked and squeezed over and over and develops hand muscles for writing.
  • Things that float: try cutting down a swim noodles to small floating life preservers. They can be stacked; laced; sorted and hold a tiny toy.
  • Things to blow bubbles: use your soap bubble blower over the pool; catch the bubbles coming down; blow through a straw or plastic tube to make your own bubbles
  • Spray bottle: take a small spray bottle to the tub or pool. Tiny hands can squeeze with both hands to shoot water at toys; target on the tub wall
  • Sieves: grab your kitchen sieves. All those holes are super fun to watch the water pass through and a large collander will help you dry out tiny toys after the playtime.
  • Recycle bin: grab recyled jugs and containers that have been cleaned. The kids will take it from there.

I trust you have found some happy ideas today. Please comment and share your fun water activities.

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