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4 B’s Ball; Bean Bags; Balloons and Bowling

Easier than you think to create Carnival-type fun with throw-together items around the house.

Balls are one of the first toys your LO’s will want to play with and throwing is, well, you know!! Let’s talk balls a bit.

  • Soft play balls: Tiny beach balls (keep some “pinchability” to the ball for little fingers to grab; Sock balls (simply roll a sock and turn the cuff back to secure) Tissue paper balls (roll into a ball and secure with tape)
  • Wiffle ball-has small holes for little ones to ge their fingers into
  • Rubber balls-best for kicking; and rolling for a bowling game
  • Belly ball-large rubber ball can become your LO’s exercise ball by placing your infant across the top of the ball on the belly and gently roll the ball a small move forward and back. (hold the ball securly between your knees) also bounce baby on the top of the ball, holding baby and ball securly.
  • Teach underhand throwing by practicing bowling. Create a bowling alley with two swim noodles or tape a lane on the floor with painters tape.
  • Roll a rubber ball back and forth between yourself and your child with legs spread to catch.
  • Medium size rubber ball to teach catching: Child will extend both arms forward and catch and hug to the body.
  • Create targets with painting tape on the wall. Try squares; rectangle and triangle. Use one of our soft balls to throw at the target
  • Basket toss. Place a line of tape on the floor and a basket a few feet out from it. Practice throwing balls into the basket. Make it harder by lengthening the distance.
  • Bean Bag-Use for balancing on hands and walk or run. On your head; arms etc. Use them to toss into a basket or a target on the floor of painters tape.
  • Balloons-make a small bat from a swimming noodle and bat the balloon. Teaching children to catch with a balloon before a ball is a “smart Mom” idea.

Thank you so much for joining in the fun. Please comment your ideas for Balls; Bean Bags; Bowling and Balloons.

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