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Sensory Play with your Littles

Throw-together these fast and fun sensory challenging activites for infants.

Infant Playtime

TOUCH-infants love to touch new textures. Their little brains are firing new pieces of information at a rapid pace. Try some of these texture rich items during tummy time and blanket time.

  1. Softies-rub a cotton ball gently on the palm of baby’s hands and feet. Stroke face/body gently. Find other soft “smalls” for baby’s hand.
  2. Fabric play-using a clean scarf or other soft material, gently lay the cloth over baby’s body and draw down from head to toe. If baby has a startle reflex, that is normal. Give it another try or two. Play peak-a-boo with the fabric. Allow baby to grab hold. Gently tug to see if baby pulls back. This can also be done with tissue paper sheet.
  3. Place any of these clean items in baby’s hand for a sensory experience (some should not go into the mouth) Plastic egg; Craft Pom Pom; Bath Scrubby; Damp sponge; Rings cut from Paper towel roll tube; plastic shower curtain ring; other items that do not have sharp or pointed pieces.

HEARING-your baby’s hearing is new and eager for more. Play “find the sound” and see if baby will move her head in the direction of the sound.

  1. Things that rattle like keys: measuring spoons; small items placed in a plastic container.
  2. Things that ring: small bells; egg timer/clock; metal items tapped together
  3. Things that clank: pots and pans; clapping items together;
  4. Things that make music: toys; squeakers; music instruments

SIGHT-for tummy time

  1. Bright objects such as a bracelet or beads (not to be touched by baby)
  2. Pinwheel
  3. Black and white objects or high contrast
  4. Containers with bright objects inside
  5. Small colorful balls or other toys
  6. Fabric with a loose weave that baby can grab and pull forward (pre-crawl)

Thank you for playing!

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