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10 Great Tips for Laundry Basket Play

  1. Stuffies-fill the basket with your childs favorite stuffed toys. This can be their permanent home, or temporary collection location.
  2. Tenting-Your child can place their toy in or under the basket. Play Peek-a-boo by covering the blanket with a towel or small blanket.
  3. Bounce-help your Toddler bounce the toys in the basket by holding onto the sides.
  4. Collect-have races to collect toys in the basket. Sort by color or description such as “find a toy that rolls”; “find toys that are hard” etc.
  5. Ball toss games-sitting on the floor, have your Toddler toss the ball into the basket. Make it challenging by moving the basket further away. Standing, your Toddler can play “basketball”. Set the basket on a small table or chair and make it harder by placing the basket higher and higher.
  6. Scarf weave-using long scarves, weave it in and out of the holes in the basket to decorate. Use one or several scarves.
  7. Pull and push. Young ones just standing up will like to stand up to the basket while it is upside down. Older children can push and pull the basket with favorite toys on board. Use a scarf to pull the basket. If you have more than one basket, tie them together for a long train.
  8. In and under. With assistance, place your child in the basket. Let him play with a toy. Stay beside the basket at all times to avoid tipping and to assure your Toddler. If your little one is extra adventurous, he may want to go under the basket. Do not allow another child or heavy object to sit on top.
  9. Toddler in the tent. Place your Toddler in the basket and place a breathable towel or blanket over to play Peek-a-Boo. Children love to hide.
  10. Hammock swing-Place your child gently in the basket. If he or she feels safe, you may lift the basket and swing in gently side to side; back and forth and diagonal. Do this by yourself if the child is under 5 months. Have another adult help if the child is sitting and older. Safety first. It is fun and very good for your child’s balance.
10 Tips for throw-together activities with a laundry basket.

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