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Make this adorable sock bunny “stuffy” in minutes.

  • One sock
  • Two hair bands or rubber bands
  • Cotton batting or Tissue or Paper towel for stuffing
  • Markers for face drawing
  • Opt. second sock for shirt

Begin by stuffing the sock to the ankle with your paper towel; cotton or tissue. The heel section becomes the Bunny’s head. Place a band just under the head and at the top of the heel where the ankle begins, forming a two-part body. Using a sharp scissors, cut lengthwise down the cuff of the sock to create the ears. Cut shorter if desired. Draw a face with permanent markers and you are ready to play!!! For additional fun, use a different colored sock for a shirt by cutting the first 4 inches of the sock off the top and sliding it onto the bunny.

Play our little bunny game with this song. Hide the bunny and sing. Let your Toddler decide where the bunny is hiding. 🙂 So fun!!

PEEK A BOO BUNNY (Tune: Twinkle, twinkle)

Peek a boo bunny, I see you. Hiding right there by my shoe

Whoops you hopped behind my back

Whoops you hopped into my lap

Peek a boo bunny, I see you. Hide for me and I’ll find you!

Thank you for joining the Bunny fun today! I enjoy your comments and questions.


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