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Critter Jitters

  • Lets get buggy! You know your kids love bugs. Who hasn’t rolled a rolly polly bug around for their kiddo? Right? It’s part of growing up to explore the little critters. Let’s have some fun!

Water color/eye dropper painting bugs

  • Coffee Filter
  • Eye dropper or paint brush
  • Make up cotton pads
  • Food color or water color paints
  • Clothes pin or office clip
  • Spray bottle with water

Place the coffee filter on a dry paper towel. Help your child spray water on it to dampen it.

Drop food color in a bit of water or water color paints onto the wet filter with eye dropper or paint brush. Watch the colors run together. Set aside to dry.

Repeat the process on “dry” cotton make up pads. These can be quickly glued onto construction paper to form the caterpillar picture. You may also make other “bugs” from the little colored circles. Tye-Dye lady bug or beatle or ants!!! Have fun with it.

For Butterfly = gather the center of the dry coffee filter and pinch together with the clothes pin or simply rubber band it. Add antenae with curled paper or chenille wires.

Bottle Bugs

  • Recyled and cleaned water bottles or coffee creamer bottles (use what you have)
  • Plastic eggs
  • Colored Electrical tape
  • Bath scrubbie (netting kind)

Using the tape and scrubber netting, create your own personal bug collection. Use the tape for stripes and the netting for wings. Simple cut the netting apart by releasing the netting into a long tube. I think it feels great and the kids will have fun with it. There’s even enough to make your Toddler his/her own wings to fly about.

Egg Carton Caterpillar

  • Cut one section lengthwise from an egg carton, rounding the edges and trimming the waste.
  • Add cotton balls for “fuzz” and electrical tape (opt) for decoration.
  • Antennae can be added with curls or paper or chenile wire.

Musical bugs? Email me at for taking your bugs to a musical level. Including simple songs and instruments.

Thank you for getting “buggy” with me today. I love to hear from you, so see that comment section on my landing page.

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