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Easter Throw-together Activities

Easter is such a fun time for young children. The colors and excitment and spring arriving.

Plastic Easter Eggs are absolutely golden. They hit so many developmental cues. They are a great shape; appealing colors and they open!!!! Best of all worlds. Here are some quick ideas.


  1. Place plastic eggs in Color pairs in an empty egg carton. Mix them up and then see if your child can do it.
  2. Spread the eggs on the floor and have a color search. Can you find the >>>>>>>>?
  3. Put colored sticker dots in the bottom of each section of an empty egg carton or simply “marker ” the colors in. Have your child sort the eggs by matching the colors.
  4. Bounce the eggs in a towel and then “fly” them into the air.
  5. Have a hide and seek with different colors. Go find the __________eggs. Or walk around the house and color match other items to the eggs.
  6. Decorate the plastic eggs with stickers or draw faces on them.
  7. Slide them down a paper towel tube, cut length wise as a ramp.

THERE’S MORE! Make this cute Easter Bunny Music Shaker

Stain Glass window made fun and Easy!!!

Blessings Everyone!!!

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